Our Vision

A world free from addiction.

Jon-Olaf Hendricks

Jon-Olaf is a sober lifestyle strategist, international best-selling author, speaker, and mentor. He guides those in the recovery process towards an awareness of their own true power. His eye-opening philosophies are revolutionizing the way the world approaches addiction recovery and mental health. After lifting himself out of rock bottom countless times, he now lives a location-independent lifestyle, traveling the world and turning dreams into reality.

Kelsey Underwood

Kelsey believes that everyone should have a ‘why’ behind what they do. Hers is Taylor, her younger sister who lost a long battle against mental illness and addiction in 2013. Since then, Kelsey has dedicated her life to creating better solutions for those personally affected by dependency and the family and friends who love them. It is her hope that Option C will empower people to transform pain into purpose and hurt into healing, so that we can one day live in a world free from addiction. 

Tina Frasnelly


After a long bout of emptiness and lack, Tina’s experience led her to the 12-step rooms. Although she walks away with gratitude, her journey within led her to conclude that she must continue onward beyond these walls. After working in the field of drug and alcohol treatment for 11 years she can sense the systems limiting beliefs regarding the overall approach to healing – which has led her to join Option C.

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