Prayer, Creativity & Faith

I find coloring a way to unfocus my mind—which may seem counter-intuitive to prayer, but it isn’t. When I am not actively “thinking,” my mind can wander—one of the best formulas for creativity to blossom—and as I think-pray my rambling thoughts, offering them upwards towards God, I often hear from Him.

Whether or not you are inspired to color the images, each prayer prompt is also accompanied by a relevant Bible verse, short devotional to help guide your thoughts, and space to write your prayer and other verses, quotes, or thoughts on the topic. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and speak to you. These are your pages, a place to explore and write and think and ask questions and find your own way to the God who loves you more than you can imagine. Makes a great graduation gift because prompts focus on things like new beginnings, asking for direction, who God is, and all the ways to find your best way to God. Also good as gift any other time of year or to use as a devotional/journal for your quiet time.


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